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QUESTION: Do I have or need prior experience to join?
ANSWER: No, our classes are for every experience level. If you've never put on a glove before in your life that isn't a problem and our instructors pride themselves on helping out people new to the sport or technique.
QUESTION: Do you offer memberships for a limited time frame?
ANSWER: Yes, we have rates for day, week, 2 weeks and monthly. You let us know how long you plan to train with us and we can get you the best rate possible.
QUESTION: I am a pro mma fighter, I heard Xtreme Couture takes a percentage of fighters purses, is that true?
ANSWER: No, that has never been true.
QUESTION: Do you offer places for fighters to live near the gym?
ANSWER: Yes, we have a corporate rate at the Hampton Inn and Suites by the airport. They offer a free shuttle to Xtreme Couture. Rates are subject to change so please call - TEL: 702.647.8000
QUESTION: How do I get on the Pro Fight Team or Amateur Fight Team?
ANSWER: To become part of our Pro Fight Team is by invite or approval from team captains. Just because you have pro fights doesn't grant you access to train with our team.

For the Amateur Fight Team we hold a public tryout which is open to members and non-members.
Based on performance and skill our team captain will determine if you are accepted as part of our team.
QUESTION: I can pay by cash only, can I still get on the year contract with lowered rates?
ANSWER: No, cash members are Month to Month. If you want discounted rates for 6 Month or 1 Year contracts you must be on auto payment (Credit Card or EFT).
QUESTION: I signed up for a Striking 1 year long membership, can I upgrade to All Access membership?
ANSWER: Yes, You can upgrade any membership to All Access or Limited Access 1 Year term from a Striking, Ground or Fitness Membership Type. You may not downgrade.
QUESTION: If I get hurt and can't train, can I put my membership on hold?
ANSWER: Yes with a medical release.
You will get charged a $10 administrative hold fee and it will automatically extend your contract equal to the time you are out.
QUESTION: Are you open to the public to tour the facility?
ANSWER: Yes, you are welcome to come in and look around the gym and shop in our full mma retail store.